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ISIL (International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations), ISO/DIS 15511, assigns a unique identifier to each library or related organization in the world. The Danish National Library manages the registration and delegates this in return to the national libraries, which are responsible for assigning the codes in their country.
For Belgium this power was granted to the Royal Library. The registration of archives was delegated to the State Archives by the Royal Library.

Isil provides a unique identification of libraries. Related organizations can also use this unique identification by adding the 'related organizations'. Since there is no (international) standard for the indentification of archival services and given the relationship between libraries and archives services, the archival community opts to use Isil for archives services. Regarding the description of the archive service, a norm exists, namely: ISDIAH, International Standard for Describing Institutions with Archival Holdings (issued by ICA).

Isil can be used in combination with ISDIAH for identification and description of archives and can also be integrated into EAD descriptions (inventories) as a unique identifier of the archive.

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